About us


This virtual research group focuses on Human Rights Literacy(ies) Research and include researchers from various academic disciplines and tertiary institutions. The research group also  includes practitioners working in Human Rights Education or aspects of social justice praxis and education.

Researchers and members are located in different countries and are involved in various academic and social projects.  The core members of the HRLit-research group has been collaborating together since 2010 on various project and topics and has become a critical voice on human rights literacies. Members who join this group are not only interested in the research activities but are also actively involved in social issues where human rights literacies can make a contribution and influence social actions and praxis.

The HRLit website was initiated by the founding members of the HREiD Research group (2004-2009) (http://www.hreid.co.za) and (2010- ) (http://www.nwu.ac.za/HREiD) to address the inability of current notions of human rights education and Human Rights in Education to bring about meaningful social change.


The founding members have contributed and addressed human rights education with the emphasis on theory, curriculum development relating to gender, belief systems and cultural diversity. Since 2012 the HRLit-research group directed its focus to human rights literacies research (HRLit) and included more disciplines concentrating on the understanding of human rights in social contexts and praxis. Human rights literacies are becoming a fundamental matter in many discourses and issues on values and notions regarding human rights and human rights education. These discourses on human rights education and the quest for meaning of human rights literacies engage various philosophies and approaches. The HRLit-Research group engages in national and international projects, working individually or collectively, disseminating their research through academic publications and pragmatic implementation strategies. The HRLit-Research group comprises members of community engagement initiatives, numerous national and international academic institutions and societies, editors of academic publications and leaders of national and international projects.

HRLit-Research group aims to:

  • Contribute to rigorous discourses on human rights literacies (applicable to human rights, human rights education and human rights praxis)

  • Be a platform for collaborative and cutting-edge research in the quest for meaning(s) of human rights literacies

  • Administer an electronic data base on human rights education and human rights literacies generated through various research projects

  • Support pragmatic social justice issues in collaboration with different stakeholders

  • Contribute to social praxis and implementation strategies for supporting a just and informed society, inter alia educational initiatives, by means of various avenues.