24Nov 2016

Dr Anne Becker will visit our HRLit project collaborators in the Netherlands from 24 November – 5 December 2016 in Amsterdam and Dordrecht. Dr Becker will present a workshop on the dissemination of the project Human Rights Literacy: Quest for meaning (2015-2016). She will also meet with Dr Ina ter Avest and Ms Erica Stedenberg […]

16Jun 2016

Human rights education in Diversity: Human Rights Literacy: A quest for meaning 2012 – 2014 Prof Cornelia Roux (North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus) Prof Petro du Preez (North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus) Researchers: Prof Willie van Vollenhoven North-West University Dr Shan Simmonds North-West University Post-doctoral fellows: Dr Annamagriet de Wet North-West University Dr Anne Becker North-West University […]

19Apr 2016

Human rights literacy: A quest for meaning SUMMARY OF PROJECT DESCRIPTION   Prof Cornelia Roux and Prof Petro du Preez Human Right Literacy Research[1] / /   This blog is to publicize important aspects and the position of a HREiD-project hosted by the NWU and funded by the National […]

01Apr 2012

PROJECT APPLICATION: FUNDED PROJECTS FOR RATED RESEARCHERS   Human rights literacy: A quest for meaning[1]   Prof Cornelia Roux Research Focus Area Faculty of Education Sciences Potchefstroom Campus North-West University South Africa[2]   THIS PROJECT WAS FUNDED BY THE NRF OF SOUTH AFRICA (2012-2015) Problem identification Human rights refer to the inherent […]